About Us

Fuzzybuttons is a small family run business which is owned and operated by Matt and CJ. We believe that nice things in life need not be expensive. We are committed to providing products and service of the highest quality and value to all our customers. 

 After 12 months of planning and developing, the Fuzzybuttons.com web shop was launched in September 2009. The journey to get to the glorious point of e-commerce independence was not easy, but we're glad we did it.

The journey began in December 2007 when we were shopping for bath time treats for ourselves and to give to our friends as gifts at Christmas. We couldn't find anything to suit our wallets on the high street so turned to the internet. We found lots and lots of fantastic products which (in our opinion) were high quality, yet value for money - but only if you were prepared to buy £100's worth at a time... So that's when the big conversation began - what if we spend the £100s so you don't have to?

After nearly 9 years of successful sales, we took a hiatus from Fuzzybuttons in 2019 to focus on other projects. But in 2020 the time was right to bring it back with revamped product-lines and a redesigned web shop.  You can read more about our story on our blog: Side Hustle to Freedom.

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